Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shimmy Down the Shelf - Progress Update!

Like a lot of people in the world, I have a tendency to set unrealistic goals: not unrealistic as in trying to lasso the moon or anything, but unrealistic in a "lack of time" sort of way.

I had crassly decided that I was going to read 15 books in the 31-day month of January. A lot of the books on the itinerary are 300+ page books... for a fulltime college student with a part-time job, I now realize the unlikeliness of achieving that goal.


As of this writing, I have read 9/15 of books from the goal. I don't think that's too shabby, what with class and life and everything!

Here's my original picture:

- The Princess and the Hound (2/5)
- The Goose Girl (5/5)
- Enna Burning (4.5/5)
- River Secrets (4.5/5)
- Once Upon a Marigold (5/5)
- Twice Upon a Marigold (3.5/5)
- The Spook's Apprentice (4.5/5)
- The Spook's Curse (review pending)
- Aurelia (nearly finished - review pending)

Still Shimmying:
- Wildwood Dancing
- Heart's Blood
- The Spook's Secret, The Spook's Mistake, The Spook's Battle, and The Spook's Sacrifice
- The Warrior Heir (and the rest of the Heir Trilogy)

When February rolls around, I'll put up a new picture of my Shimmying books - and yes, there are some new ones too! I have this thing about buying books - it doesn't matter that I have like 10 TBRs, for some reason I manage to justify more books! 3 of my 4 bedroom walls have bookshelves, and in our living room area, we've got even more bookshelves. Between my equally-bookwormy roommate and myself, we're running out of room!

So that's it for my update. If I keep at the rate I'm going - and don't sink from school stuff - I should be good, I think :)

3 shout-outs!:

Rebekah said...

Good job! I hadn't realized that you read the first three Books of Bayern in January, I thought you started them in December.... oh well, I guess my memory's off. :D

Amelia said...

i read them again (haha)! just so i could count them for january :P

Snorkle said...

As a fellow full-time college student and part-time job holder I am impressed that you made it through 9 books. It always seems that I have no time for pleasure reads because I'm too busy doing homework/social life. I usually end up reading about 7 books total for the whole semester.

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