Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog CLEAN UP! I want to hear from YOU!

Okay everyone! IIF is now 5 months old and I think a clean-up is long overdue. Over these months I've participated in several memes and started 2 of my own:

In My Mailbox
Teaser Tuesday
Friday Finds

My own:
Cover Wars
Where In Your World

Now I run Cover Wars every Wednesday but I only run WIYW occasionally. What do you think of the memes - should I get rid of them or keep them? I'm honestly wondering if I should just get rid of them...

On to the next topic: REVIEWS. Right now I'm averaging about 2 reviews a week, and here is where I need some feedback:
  • When you read a review, what do you look for and what do you expect to see?
  • Is there anything in particular that I should do differently?
And finally - ANYTHING ELSE. What would you like to see me do differently/what can I do to make this a more effective blog? Your thoughts, please!

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Chelle said...

I think if you want to do a meme, do it. If you don't feel like it then don't. There's nothing wrong with taking a break either. Or, perhaps you can pass the torch to a reader who likes your memes? The important thing is to be passionate about what you're doing so your readers will be, too.

Personally, I like a much shorter book summary - say, two to four sentences. What I really want is your thoughts (which are great). But I do need to know the basic idea of a story so I can follow your discussion. But it's your blog! Do what you like. =)

Anonymous said...

I prefer short but informative book summaries, and I also like to know if there's anything objectionable that I'd run in to while reading. That's one thing that attracts me to book blogs; when they have objectionable content ratings.

Anonymous said...

I like to hear about the author's writing style--even if the plot is great, if the style is off and awkward, the book is a no go for me.

Unknown said...

Your blog is already pretty clean but what about a new layout/banner/background?

A Story Untold said...

If you are bored to do sth or are not excited about it at all, then drop it, skip it, whatever.That goes for the "to keep or not to keep the memes", question.It's better to lose it than go "Do I really have to do that now?" every time you have to write a post about one.
As for the reviews and what do we look for in them?Well, you beat me to it because I was gonna a post a discussion theme like that on my blog.What I think makes a good review is a very small introduction to the characters and the story(you don't want to write a summarview - a summary disguising as a review)and then your honest thoughts and opinion.Without major spoilage, is it's possible.It's sounds easy but it certainly ain't.I don't wanna sound like an expert or anything, I am not one.I'm still trying to figure things out myself.
I hope I helped you a little tiny bit :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

I like clear, easy to read review. I think you do an awesome job.

Blueicegal ♥ said...

keep your memes if your really into them and attached, and your blog is really cool and organsied if you feel like adding a bit more to it then do so as for reviews i prefer mine long and detailed :P

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

meme's: I think you should do them if you enjoy them--obligation to these should never feel mandatory.

reviews: I like pretty straight forward reviews, what you liked, loved, hated.

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