Monday, May 3, 2010

In My Mailbox [9]

Okay, so it's been since April 4 since I've bought any books - not bad! I'm recovering slowly.

I'm super psyched that this book arrived today, because it originally wasn't supposed to be released until May 14 or something like that - but it just arrived on my doorstop not five minutes ago. I love you, Amazon!

Here is The Golden Spiral, next to its predecessor, The Hourglass Door, which I plan to read as soon as icky finals go away. The Hourglass series is by Lisa Mangum, who is extra cool because she's worked in the publishing business for awhile and now is an author, as well! And Shadow Mountain is an awesome publishing group - I would love for them to publish one of my books one day!

What books did you get this week?

5 shout-outs!:

Little Miss Becky :) said...

Oh, I have that first one! I still haven't gotten around to reading it, but I will! Both books are so pretty and the story sound so amazing. Enjoy these!!

Adriana said...

I've seen these books before I just don't know much about them. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you think.
I also pre-ordered some books from Amazon so I got my fingers crossed that they'll ship them earlier. I love Amazon when they ship early. :D

Christina T said...

I am really interested in reading these so I will be eagerly awaiting your thoughts. I hope you enjoy them. Good job on avoiding book purchases for a month! It's very hard to do with all the good books that are being published.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Yah new books. Hope they rock.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Those both look great!

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