Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last call on DYSTOPIAN literature: the best of

For this week's Suggestion Box, recommend your favorite dystopian and/or post-apocalyptic novels...preferably YA

Here are some books that come to mind when I think dystopian, and they're not YA :

Also, what kinds of characteristics make up post-apocalyptic/dystopian novels? Is there anything specific you look for or expect to have included in these types of books?

7 shout-outs!:

Jillian said...

Other than the popular The Hunger Games, an unforgettable dystopian novel for me would definitely be A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess!

A Story Untold said...

Declaration by Gemma Malley. The biggest and most pleasant surprise of '09 for me.

Mandy said...

Ones I've read:
The Hunger Games, definately
Unwind <33
The Uglies Trilogy (Series, since theres actually 4 ;D)
Gone Series
The Maze Runner
Thats all I can think of right now (:
I just started The Host, does that count?
Some dystopians I read for school:
The Giver <3
Anthem by Ayn Rand (this is a novella I believe)
Animal Farm (I never read past the first couple chapters :P)
Others ones I've heard good things about:
The Knife Of Never Letting GO
Life As We Knew It
The Forest Of Hands and Teeth

Ok, I think thats all I got (:

j said...

The Hunger Games of course
The Uglies Series
The Maze Runner
All must reads!

emily said...

I've seen a few of these in the comments already. But definitly 1984, The Giver, and the Hunger Games:D

Angiegirl said...

HOW I LIVE NOW by Meg Rosoff and GIRL IN THE ARENA by Lise Haines

Unknown said...

Definitely, The Maze Runner. but also Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith, it's YA dystopian sci-fi but not post-apocalyptic. As far as adult, The Stand by King.

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