Thursday, July 1, 2010

Book Blogger Hop!

New twist to the hop!
The question I'm supposed to answer is my name and why I started blogging. Here goes!

I'm Amelia, and this is Imagination in Focus, a blog dedicated to reading/reviewing and interacting with other book bloggers. The title comes from a quote by Mark Twain. I started blogging because I wanted to have a place to store all my book reviews and interact with other reading enthusiasts. :)

If you're a new follower from the Hop, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you'll come again! Leave the link to your site so I can check it out.

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22 shout-outs!:

Romy @ said...

Hey Amelia, I just thought I'd let you know I really love your blog. I see you want to live in Australia, where in Australia? I'm from Victoria which is down south, but all of Australia is nice.

Mel u said...

Hi-just found your blog via the hop and am now a follower-I am very into Australian bush writers like Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson and Barbara Baynton

The Reading Life

Amelia said...

Hi guys!
I probably should reword my profile, but it says that I want to live in Australia. :P
I'm actually from California

flanpnhfpnanfnFN said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog i followed you too :)

Jenny said...

Found you through the hop, just wanted to say hi! I'm a huge fan of YA, so I look forward to your reviews!


Beverly said...

Just hopping by from the blog hop! Hop on over to my blog, The Wormhole. Happy reading and have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

Just hopping by to say hi :)

Book Blog Hop at oodles of books.

pussreboots said...

I'm a Californian but I was exchange student in Australia. I'm hopping by. Happy almost Friday. Pussreboots.

Badass Bookie said...

Hopping over via Hop! LOvely blog you have here! Sure to stop over some other time too!
Have a great weekend!I live int Australia but I want to live in England! haha

Lisa (Badass Bookie)xx

CarlyB said...

Hi! I found your blog through the Hop and I'm really glad I did because it's great :). I'm your latest follower so I'm sure I'll be back soon!
Have a lovely weekend,
Carly x.

Manga Maniac said...

Hi, I found you through the Blog Hop. Can hardly wait to read more of your posts!

If you have time, stop by and visit me -

Caroline said...

Hey there! I'm hopping by from the hop (yeah i know, I was Captain Obvious in another life!)
I love your blog layout (*piiink*) and what you read!
Will be reading your reviews from now on!
Have a lovely weekend!

Aimee said...

I felt the same way! I wanted to connect with other book loves! In a small town like mine, it is hard to find people that actually read more than the sunday funnies!

My answer is here.

Monica said...

Hey just returning the hop! I'm following! Looks like we have the same taste in books so I'm pretty excited!

Page (One Book At A Time) said...

Awesome! I'm follower 300!!

Sarah said...


I am an old follower just stopping by to say HI! I just started doing the blog hop and I love it!

Emma Michaels said...

I am a follower! I also wanted to let you know that I have a huge announcement up today! My debut novel is getting published! Please stop by, I would really appreciate it and could use all the help I can get on spreading the word and would love to know what you think of the cover art!

Emma Michaels

P.S.- My release date if Friday the 13th (August this year) isn't that crazy?

Jess // Curating Style said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your rating system, and I'm thrilled to see you gave Sabriel an A+! I'm a new follower, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great weekend!

Vicki Smallwood said...

Caught you through the Hop! I'm now following and have added you to my Book Blog List.

Hope you can hop over my way too ;)

Care to venture into The Wolf's Den?

Unknown said...

I'm stopping by to invite you to come check out my new and improved blog page, and hopefully follow as well! I'm starting all over again, and would love to see my old friends following my new page, and new friends, too!

Crazy Cat Lady

Unknown said...

Stopping by from the hop. Have a great weekend!

Marcie said...

I found your blog on the hop and I am your newest follower. I love your backgound. Stop by my blog if you can. Have a great weekend.

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