Thursday, September 30, 2010

turned into a book paparazzo

That's me now, apparently. A book paparazzo. Because when I went to the bookstore today to invite two hardbacks to come live on my bookshelf, I saw so many of the highly anticipated and much-blogged about new releases. And I just couldn't help but get excited to see so many new releases in their pretty hardback forms (and if you happen to be reading this and thinking 'That's what you do when you go to a bookstore - you look at books!' I gotta implore you...WORK WITH ME HERE! :D )

So anyway, if there was a TMZ for big bookstores, I think I'd be working for it.

Some of the books I spotted -
The Replacement (see the pretty hardback in the picture?!)
Paranormalcy (see the pretty hardback in the picture?!)
13 to Life
Low Red Moon (looking particularly shiny in its HB cover)
Dark Song
Zombies vs. Unicorns
And...funnily enough -
The Witches Kitchen (scheduled for release 10.5)
Jane (scheduled for release 10.1)
Empty (scheduled for release 10.1)

The Lost Hero

Yep. Way to go, bookstore! You set out Rick Riordan's Lost Hero almost 2 weeks before it's scheduled to be released. There were only 2 copies when I saw it, but needless to say, the bookstore (which I will not name) made countless teens VERY happy :)

Do you ever get giddy when you browse the YA section? Do you ever stand and stare at all the pretty covers? Hopefully you do, because...I certainly don't want to be the only one!

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Tales of Whimsy said...

I impress my self at the bookstore because I know all the titles :)

Amelia said...


Wow. You certainly aren't the only one!! Whenever I go into Borders (my haunt of choice) I usually don't have enough time to gaze longly at all the books I'd love to have over on my bookshelf--I have to suffer quietly and act like I'm just some dictator coming in and selecting only a special few. *sigh*

I'm pre-ordering The Lost Hero because that way, I get 46% off! And since I'm so tight with money (I always blow my whole allowance on books every month) this is a huge deal! I'm going to pre-order all my books if it means getting a nice deal.

I have several of those books you listed. :) They are very prettiful covers, aren't they? :D

Great post! :D

hehehe...Love the name! *giggles*

Anonymous said...

Oh boy - they had the Lost Hero out?! As a bookseller I can safely say that they should/probably will get in huuuuge trouble. :P If a book's got a strict date then there's some ghastly fine for selling it before then...

TrueOrFalse said...

Is it just me or do you have an awesome new look?

The Phantom Paragrapher said...

Im like that too , I love going into a bookstore and sometimes Im like read that, read that, want that so I write it in my book. LOL.
I love awesome book covers. Though I get plenty of new releases to review , I still find the urge to rent books from the library and buy books from bookshops and sites lol.
Following you on the book blog hop. Im also a follower on GFC

Misha said...

All those books are on my wishlist. But as my luck would have it, it would take time till they are released in my country!
Btw, I am stopping by from the Hop. I am already a follower.
Have a great Weekend!
My Book Blogger Hop

A Story Untold said...

Wow awesome!I wish I had a book store like this nearby :(
How come it had books that aren't released yet?Weird!

Heather said...

Hi! Just looking for the blog hop! Must have missed it somehow!!

... and omg... The Last Hero out early? My bookstore does this all the time... I better go check it out!!!

Stop by and check out my Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday and Giveaway!

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

The Lost Hero is out on the shelf?!?!??!?!?! And here I've been dying haha I can't wait to stop by my horrid little bookstore this afternoon to see if it's there, too!

Happy Friday, Amelia! :)

Straylights said...

I start drooling when I look at all the pretty covers. No joke. My husband practically has to drag me, Kicking and screaming out of the book store. Can't I just live there??

New follower :D

Pris said...

Just hopping through your blog! Love what I have seen so far and I'm a new follower, check out my blog and follow back if you like!
PS... what a fabulous header you have!

Carrie E Rundhaug said...

Just Hopping by!! I love your blog!! I am a new follower!! I can't believe they had the Lost Hero out! I have pre-ordered mine and can't wait to get it!! Hope you have a great weekend!!


Literature for Lunch said...

Hopping by! Your blog looks so established! I love your header and have enjoyed reading your reviews. I feel like I am the book paparazzi at times as well. I am definitely excited to read Paranormalcy.

I am a new follower!

Elizabeth said...

Love you complete.

Just hopping by…

Happy Hopping, Everyone….hop on over to my blog if you like:

Monique G said...

I get the same way! That's why I usually can't go to bookstores with anyone from my family, because when we leave they always end up calling me crazy. I'd like to see what they say if they can see that I'm not the only one! :)

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