Thursday, January 6, 2011

Question of the Midweek [3] Why do you read YA?

Either this question is silly, easy, dumb, thought-provoking, or...something else. :)
But seriously ladies (and few gentlemen): most us book bloggers are not teenagers anymore, yet we read books with protagonists not in our age demographic. And we love them.
So why?
Why do you keep reading YA, even though you're an adult?

And do you ever get asked this question by people in real life? Because it's surprised me, over the last year, how often I get asked why I read Young Adult lit, and why my blog concentrates on Young Adult, of all the lofty other genres out there.
So what's the special reason for you? Or is there a special reason? Does YA just float your boat?

I'd love to know! I'm going to do a post on this and I'd love to put your answers in it.
Lemme know!

(These "kids" are really grownups in disguise. It's what's on the inside that counts)

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Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

I think the reason why I read YA is because I find the characters more open, exciting, and hopeful. I find that a lot of adult novels are boring or depressing to me, because it seems like there is a void of books aimed at college age people and recent grads. These young characters seem more relatable to me, and the books always seem to deal with issues that can transcend age to a certain extent. There are some adult novels I've enjoyed, but I also don't like reading books with graphic sex in them, so reading YA helps with that as well.

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I read YA because I find there is a heck of a lot more emotion in YA than there is in a lot of adult fiction these days. I find that adult fiction is so convoluted with details that it's hard to stomach sometimes haha :)

Savannah said...

I read YA because it is more thrilling. There is so much drama and never ending excitement. Also all the good and unique ideas are in YA.

Alissa said...

I both like and read YA because it's always been more real, more NOW for me. Adult fiction often takes place in another point in time, literally or figuratively. But YA is something I can always relate to and I like that consistency. Adult fiction has more risks - most times I don't like reading it if the characters are of an older age group, or the story's about puzzling, depressing mid-life crises.

Shannon The Bookstalker said...

I read YA because most YA authors aren't trying to write the Next Great Literary Novel. They write what the want to, not what's on the Bestsellers list. They're often bolder, more original and have great characters. Plus so many adult novels are depressing, but lack any real emotion. They're also not filled with pages worth of boring description. YA books have heart and I love that!!!

A Canadian Girl said...

I read YA because I find that I feel a little too old for MG yet not old enough for adult novels. In adult fiction, the characters tend to have jobs and independent lives, which isn't the case for me right now as a college student and are concerns that I don't want to think about.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think I read YA because it's more fun. It takes me back to my teens, [though I'm just 22] and makes me sort of wish I were them [characters]. Does that make sense? Hmm.

Unknown said...

I love the intensity of YA characters. The characters in adult fiction are often so jaded. I love that the teens in YA novels are still looking at life with innocence and passion.

molly (a dazzling distraction) said...

At 28, I get asked this question ALL the time (and I get really weird looks when I'm in the YA section at the library).
I think I read YA because the writing is focused on telling the story - not worrying about putting in the sex scenes or adventure/violence scenes that seem to be more prevalent in adult fiction. I also agree with Christie that the characters in adult fiction often seem jaded - or at least they are dealing with the real life stresses of adulthood - the stuff I DON'T want to think about in my downtime! When I do read adult fiction, I tend to read the lighter "chick lit" type books that are written more similarly to the YA books I like.
(sorry for the long comment - I had more to say than I thought I would)

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