Friday, February 11, 2011

All I can say

You may not have noticed, but the crickets have really been chirping over here at Imagination in Focus. And I do apologize for that.
After the snow melted away and the weather cleared, I realized that, for the past week, I have been in a major reading slump. I've tried to begin the two books I have on my nightstand:

and funny thing is, they seem really interesting. But...I don't know. It's like someone who drinks a lot of Red Bull, then goes off Red Bull like *that*, then tries to go back to drinking it.

The only good news is, I've been writing way more. Yay. My writing blog has seen a lot more action :)

And there's another reason why I've been kind of a bad blogger lately. I've come to that really scary place, over a year, where I'm just not really sure what to say. I can't really figure out how to make anything seem interesting. I've already said that I won't go back to the meme days, yet every thing seems to have been done before. I'll get an idea for a post, but then I'll realize, someone else has already done that. And it looks like copying :S

Plus, a few weeks ago this whole blogging community seemed to explode. I realized that people can be affected by stuff even if they didn't actively take part in it. Honestly, that whole fiasco has me a little nervous about everything. How I write my reviews, what I say, how I write regular, non-review posts...everything. I still plan on keeping this site, but I do want to be upfront and at least offer an explanation for the lack of posts.
Sorry, guys. I'll get better.

3 shout-outs!:

Deea said...

Oh, I hear ya! It's been happening to me too lately... And because of that post and all the fuss around it, now it takes me longer to write my reviews (always wondering what if?) and I need to think twice before posting something. So not cool! Now blogging seems like homework.LOL We'll get over it! And I still like your blog and your posts, so just write whatever you feel like!:D

Dazzling Mage said...

Hmm, seems I haven't been around the blogging community much, but what fussy posts are you referring to? And don't worry about the slump, I'm in one myself. =/ It'll pass. I hope.

In the meantime though, take your time, and don't pressure yourself or anything. You're blog is one of the best ones around. =)

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I definitely think we need to cover our butts more with the stuff that's been happening. (I received a scathing email, myself, for a bad review), but here's the thing - write what makes you happy and the readers will either love it or hate it. The fact of the matter is that not everyone will love everything :)

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