Sunday, June 26, 2011

Help me STUDY, please!

For awhile now I've had my eye on Maria V. Snyder's Study series:
- Poison Study
- Magic Study
- Fire Study

What I've heard...- Poison Study is very good. Like, I have seen SO MANY 4-and-5 star reviews for this one, and from people who I know really make books work for 5 star reviews.
- However, I have seen that several reviewers think the series kind of slackens as it goes along. With the last book, Fire Study, I've seen less 4-and-5 star reviews.

So for those who have read Poison Study...
- did you read the sequel books also?
If so,
- did you like them?
- would you recommend reading ALL 3, or can I just read the first one?

Many thanks!

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Enna Isilee said...


The last two aren't BAD, they're just different. The first book is very action oriented, the next two add a lot more romance and inter-character relationships.

I would definitely recommend reading all three. Especially if you want to go on and read the Glass books. If you don't read ALL the Study books, then the Glass books won't make sense.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to e-mail me! I have these books MEMORIZED!

So read them all. End of story.

~Enna Isilee

Charlotte said...

I loved the first one, and found the next two fine, but not essential!

good luck with the studying...

Kirthi said...

I would definitely recommend reading the rest of the books (I was really sad when there wasn't a 4th book!) I guess they do get less...what's the word for it....more memorable than Poison Study, but it's worth it!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I've not read the series yet. But I do have the first book here and want to read it. But like you I've heard many say the first book it great then the series kind of goes down hill. But I also want to read her Storm Glass series that sounds amazing, but it's based off characters here. So I'll get to it one of these days. :) Hope you enjoy it if you start into it.

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

I really enjoyed the first two, but the third one fell a bit flat. Some parts were slow while others were crazy insane with action, so I found it a bit overwhelming. Still, definitely worth a read and not bad by any stretch of the imagination. I would say reading all of them is worth it. =)

Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

Haha, i LOVED the first book, didn't like the second and couldn't finish the third one, it just annoyed the heck out of me too much :p For me, I found the main character just turning into a huge mary-sue... :P however I would always say Go for It and make up your own mind about it! :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adored Magic Study, but I haven't read the sequels for the exact same reason why you're asking for everyone's opinions, hehe. My fiance has read all of them, though, as well as the Glass trilogy, and liked them just fine ... but I'm waiting for someone else to convince me to go for it, LOL.

Unknown said...

I LOVED ALL OF THEM! I mean I guess you could just read the first one but you are going to want more!!!

Adriana said...

Definitely read the first book because it's amazing! The next two books though get pretty repetitive so I really don't think the next two are worth the read. I do recommend the first book though. To be honest with you I can't even recall what happened in the third book since it was just a dull blur, but Poison Study is still fresh in my memory and it's filled with so much action and a kick ass heroine.

Allison said...

The first book is hands down one of my favorites of all time - SOSOSOSOSO good. The ending, however, does make you want to pick up the sequel.

The last two books aren't terrible, they just don't live up to the first. BUT - if you fall in love with the characters in Poison Study like I did, you'll be wanting to read them regardless. Since the first time I read the trilogy, I've read the first book many times...but haven't ever felt the need to reread the last two.

So, ultimately, I'd say read Poison Study. If you love it, you'll be wanting to read the next two. If you don't love it, you won't have to worry about them!

Allison said...

ditto what some of the others have said - if you want to read the Glass trilogy (which is also very good - all three books are amazing versus just Poison Study, even though Poison Study is by far my favorite of all of them) it is better to read all the Study books first.

Anonymous said...

Poison Study is by far the best, mainly because I think Maria had the most time to craft it perfectly. Magic study was also very enjoyable however while I loved fire study it did drag and jump from scene to scene.

Also really enjoyed the Glass series.

So all in all I think you should pick up all six books because I read them all after one another because I couldn't get enough. I wish there was another spin off series too!!

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