Monday, February 8, 2010

Old Reads, (Fairly) New Reviews, II

When I read a book now, I post reviews both here and at Goodreads, which may in actuality be incredibly redundant, but it's the system I've got for now :)

But the books that I read before getting on GR are in a bit of a weird situation...because they have no reviews. Oh dear. And the books I read after GR but before my blog are in a similar predicament. Oh dear. So this will be my beginning effort at reorganizing.

Now yes, I there's something about YA (particularly Intermediate/Middle Grade YA) that I find fascinating. Every once in awhile, however, I venture out into the world of Bona Fide Grown Up Fiction...see what all the bona fide adults are reading!

And here's one of my favorite recent finds. Anyone up for a little absurdist fiction?

I don't usually read "absurdist fiction" (which apparently is the genre of this book) so I really didnt know what to expect. I was surprised to find that besides being uproariously funny, this story actually had a pretty good plot. Yes, it takes the plot from Shakespeare's KING LEAR, but his adaptation is quite original. Yes, this is a "grown up book," one of the few that I can actually stand. I don't mind bawdy and crude (and this is a very, VERY bawdy/crude book!) if it's in the confines of humor and if I as a reader don't have to take it seriously. Think SNL or Monty Python and then take it up a notch, you'll have a fair idea of the type of humor here.
I will dock a star because there were a couple times toward the very end where I thought the plot stretched perhaps a bit too far, or maybe I just personally didnt care for the particular twist. Overall, a funny book with way more depth than I had expected. Recommended :)

Rating: 3.5/5. That may not seem very high, but for what it is, it was enjoyable.
Fool - Christopher Moore
- Published February 1, 2009 by William Morrow
- Hardcover, 311 pages
- GR ratings: 28% (5 stars), 41% (4 stars), 21% (3 stars), 6% (2 stars), 1% (1 star)

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