Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recapping the Week (1/17-24)

Books Reviewed
Once Upon a Marigold - Twice Upon a Marigold - The Spook's Apprentice

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Teaser Tuesday
The "Definitely...Maybe" Books - shopping around for new reads
3-4-5 Challenge
Explore Your World: Lancashire, England

Ohhh, those dystopians!!

I'm a sucker for quizzes, so even though I already posted my topic for the day, I've got to do another one :)

You are 55% likely to be caught in a dystopian society!

You are seen as a threat to unity and conformity. Make sure you keep your thoughts inside, otherwise you might die.

What are your chances of survival in a Dystopia?
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- I sure hope the Dystopian Society in question isn't The Handmaid's Tale... that would be a major bummer.
Could you survive?!

Quote of the Week!

I really like this image, not only for the personification of talent (which I see in the bass) but also in the man's actions of shielding and protecting his precious instrument. Like the man in the picture, we all have our own special talents and gifts, and I guess the challenge is how to nuture and protect our talents as we go out into "the real world."
Have a great week, everybody!
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