Thursday, June 16, 2011

What are you WAITING for?!

This is kind of like a Waiting on Wednesday...only not.
These are the books that I am the most looking forward to between now and...January 2012. These are the nail-biting-hysteria-inducing books that I literally cannot wait to dive into!
See if any of these are on your TBR, too.

The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan
Book TWO of a 5-part series
- Published by Disney Hyperion
- Tantalizing Tidbit: Well, see, y'all know I absolutely adore the Percy Jackson series, and as the spinoff of the Percy Jackson series, the next Heroes of Olympus book just HAD to be in this list (even if the whole Greek/Roman god combo is a little weird - the schizophrenic "Zeus-one-day-Jupiter-the-next" deal has me and my middle school betas shaking our heads in confuzzlement). Plus, by all indications that's Percy on the cover. Yay! I do wish this series wasn't 5 books long.
- AARRRGGGHH Factor: slightly under 4 months
- October 4, 2011
Preorder The Son of Neptune @ Amazon

All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky - Joe R. Lansdale
- Published by Random House
- Tantalizing Tidbit: a period of American history that I love (Depression-era), a setting I love (Oklahoma & Texas), and an inkling of a love story. Oh yes, I am indeed interested. Plus, that cover is absolutely beautiful!
- AARRRGGGHH Factor: 3 months
- September 13, 2011
Preorder All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky @ Amazon

Once Every Never - Lesley Livingston
FIRST BOOK (may be 1st of a series, or may be standalone)
- Published by Penguin
- Tantalizing Tidbit: This book looks absolutely stunning. Historical fantasy is **always** intriguing for me, because it blends my two favorite subgenres together. Lesley takes this a step further by picking a setting in history that isn't often covered - Roman Britain.

AARRRGGGHH Factor: I believe that Once Every Never will be available from (US) Amazon the last week of June/early July (when I see it pop up on Amazon, I'll put the link in)

Order Once Every Never @ Amazon Canada (shipping to US is only about $7.99)
(I ordered mine from Amazon CA, and it was like $20 total, and I live in TX)

In the Forests of the Night - Kersten Hamilton
Book TWO in a trilogy
- Published by Harcourt
- Tantalizing Tidbit: follows Tyger Tyger, the first in a series about Irish mythology, magic, and goblins!
AARRRGGGHH Factor: a little under 4 months
- October 3, 2011
Preorder In the Forests of the Night @ Amazon

Witchlanders - Lena Coakley
FIRST BOOK (may be 1st of a series, or may be standalone)
- Published by Simon & Schuster
- Tantalizing Tidbit: 1) boy narrator, 2) high fantasy setting, 3) witches and magic - oh my!
and 4) there's a SWORD on the cover. Always a good sign! Add those together, and that makes for the PERFECT equation (for me, at least!)
AARRRGGGHH Factor: a little over 2 months
- August 30, 2011
Preorder Witchlanders @ Amazon

And if I had to choose the ONE book I'm most eagerly anticipating, it would be...without a doubt...

Enshadowed - Kelly Creagh
Book TWO in a trilogy
- Tantalizing Tidbit: Follows Nevermore (my favorite 2010 book) and incorporates elements of Edgar Allan Poe and his works into the (seriously) most original story I've read in a long time. I'm so hoping that this second installment will be just as exciting
- Published by Simon & Schuster
AARRRGGGHH Factor: Approximately 7 months
- January 17, 2012
Preorder Enshadowed @ Amazon

So what are you all waiting for? Which future releases have you the most excited?!
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