Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 Random Bookish Thoughts!

Thought this would be a cute, fun little post. I'm staring at my bookshelf, and I'm going to come up with TEN RANDOM THINGS about any book I see. Wanna do this on your site? It's easy, fun, and just a little zany.

Random Thought #1: Breaking Dawn is a very obese book.

Random Thought #2: I love how Shiver is written in blue ink and Linger is written in green ink. I think each book should be written in some fun colored ink.

Random Thought #3: I have a gargantuan crush on Dodge Anders from Frank Beddor's Looking Glass Wars series

Random Thought #4: There are a lot of series books and not a lot of stand-alones. What's wrong with a stand-alone? Series books are like cliques. My bookshelf has a lot of cliques. We need some more solitary loners like Skellig or...erm...

Random Thought #5: No matter where I am or what the occasion is, whenever I hear the word "sparkle" I automatically think Twilight!

Random Thought #6: "Wayland" is a really cool last name, and "Jace" is a super sexy-sounding first name.

Random Thought #6 1/2: But there is NO...and I mean NO name super-sexier sounding than Percy!

Random Thought #7: I wish I lived in a magical theatre like Bertie Shakespeare Smith from the Theatre Iluminata series

Random Thought #8: I wish I was a mermaid. Seriously. I really wish I was a mermaid and I could meet a merman and live happily ever after in an underwater kingdom and train dolphins to do really neat tricks. That would be THE LIFE.

Random Thought #9: I drove past an old refinery last week and totally spazzed out thinking of the CREATURES from The Replacement! Ahhhhh!

Random Thought #10: If I ever get another cat, I'm going to name him Chairman Meow just like Magnus Bane's cat from the MI series. :)
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