Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quote of the Week!

Here's my Quote of the Week :D

This quote seemed what I needed to hear and remember as I get ready for yet another week of so I just wanted to share it with everyone.

I forgot to post this last week, but if you want to use any of my quote-posters on your sites, that would be just peachy! Just link the thing back to me 8D. I design the posters myself and really try to get pictures that match the quote - hmmm so if there's ever a picture/quote combo that seems a little on the random side, you'll know where the madness comes from!

Have a good week everybody!

A Conundrum!

The weekends are usually the busiest time for my fun-reading, so it was even more puzzling yesterday that I opted out of reading at all. The reason: I have no idea what book to read next?
Has that ever happened to any of you? Do those “In My Mailbox” or “Mailbox Mondays” ever get out-of-hand? My bookshelf is on the verge of a mutiny – they’re all screaming “Read me next!” and I don’t know which to choose!

My ongoing series at present is the Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney. I have 2 more books to go before I’ll be finished with them (for the time being) but I kind of want something a little different… Do you guys read all your series-books together or do you space them out? Take Harry Potter for example: did you blaze through them all at once, or did you read other books in between?

If anybody has any reading suggestions I’m all ears! Maybe I need a schedule or something…
For now, I’ve narrowed my options down to these two:

The Spook's Mistake (Wardstone, #5) / Child of the Dark Prophecy (Great Tree of Avalon, #1)

The Avalon series has a funny discovery history - or at least, I think so. A couple weeks ago I was at Borders picking up a couple books I have to read for class and this trilogy just caught my attention. They're pretty big hardbacks, so they were hard to miss. And I'm a sucker for pretty cover designs - I'll admit it! So it's managed to climb to the top of my TBR list even though I've only had it for a couple weeks...and what did I do the other day but go back for the other two! I've got a problem...I can't stop buying books!

I haven't heard much about them at all and I guess that adds to the allure :P Yes, I find books "alluring"! Oh dear!

So that, friendly bloggers, is my current conundrum - what to read next! Hints?! Suggestions?!

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