Saturday, March 27, 2010

week in review: Lewis kicks my butt & Riordan saves the day

Spring Break is definitely over...

The transition back to school has been tougher than usual, apparently. Now I know that this is a "book review" blog, not an Amelia Needs to Vent blog, but I do want to apologize for the lack of updates and, you know, reviews. I did read a book this week, but it was for class :(

Usually I'm able to juggle my schoolwork and my personal reading, but this week I just couldn't.

Anybody have any good advice about time-management?

I hope this week was just a readjustment and not a foreshadow of things to come. Last week, during glorious spring break, I even managed to start another story! I love writing - now that takes the place of reading, but that somehow seems excusable: if you're not reading a story, you're inventing one!

So this is the book that kicked my butt this week:

I'm in a CS Lewis class at school and we're going through his fictional books and his apologetic books...and there's seriously a Lewis dichotomy. His writing is so simple in The Space Trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia, and while I thought Mere Christianity was really easy to follow, this book just really beat me. His writing is certainly not simple here - goodness! So yep, it look me all week to figure out this little book, and I still don't really know what he's talking about. Has anybody else had to read this? In my own little opinion, Mere Christianity is much easier to digest if you want to read Lewis' non-fiction works.

and this is the book that saved my sanity last night:

Percy Jackson is a hero after all!
For my Greco-Roman class I'm doing a presentation on the Underworld and this wonderful story came in handy: Asphodel Fields, Elysium, the Isles of the Blest, Tartarus... add that to PJ's awesomeness: it's educational! Now I have no problem being a Nerd, but I have a feeling that my professor may not be very impressed if I march up to the podium next month armed with the DVD of Disney's Hercules and The Lightning Thief in my hand. I guess Homer is still King of Mythology - bummer. But hey, I guess it's true what my roommate says: "once you get Percywarped, you start seeing the PJ series EVERYWHERE."

Looking ahead:

This is the book that I'm going to start in a little while. I have no idea how far I will get, but I predict that for the rest of the semester I will only be able to handle 1 book a week, or maybe 1 book every 2 weeks - term paper deadlines are screaming at me and I need to read for class.

But I do have some stuff coming up! Hopefully sometime during the week I'll finish Sapphique and post my review - I'm already really excited and can't wait to figure out what in the world happens next after the [fun] madness of Incarceron!! And my book club buddies at Goodreads are helping me with a post on Love Triangles. This will hopefully appear in the next few days and will be more of an exploration on the topic and less 'my opinion' (since I don't really think that went over too well last time, ha!)
Have a great weekened, everybody!
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