Wednesday, October 6, 2010


When Toad wakes up, dangling over a bubbling witches' cauldron, she has no memory of her former life, not even her name. With some luck, she escapes and sets out on a journey to the oracle of the kitchen. Along the way, she makes friends with Natterjack, an imp who refuses his demon ancestry; Horsefly, a carnivorous fairy; and Pug and Sootfoot, residents of the Kitchen. But the Kitchen and the witch sisters it belongs to, is not a place one wants to end up lost. The Kitchen is pitch black and infinite, filled with furniture that constantly moves when unobserved, making navigation nearly impossible. Its residents are both animals from the outside, unwitting victims of the Witches, and creatures who were born or made in the Kitchen itself - many of whom would not mind eating the Toad and her friends. And let's not forget the Witches themselves, who seem to have a special interest in the Toad. With some courage and wisdom, the Toad just might find self-realization yet - and with it, the power to defeat the mighty Witches.

I just finished this book last night and am working on my review as we speak.
But I did want to go ahead and announce this giveaway so you guys will have time to enter!
I don't want to give too much away outside of the review, but yall -
this book was so awesome! I absolutely loved it!
Highly creative, exciting, with nonstop action and lovable characters. This will be the perfect Halloween lite read!

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Winner will be announced on Sunday, October 24. PS - I love stories with frog characters! Absolutely love them <3
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