Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Blog Resolutions

1. Do more interviews/guest posts. A whole side of blogging that I haven't really tapped into. That might be fun to try...

2. Post at least 5 reviews a month. For me, five books a month is all I can manage right now, but I've been kind of lackadaisical about posting reviews. I'd like to churn out a book review no later than a few days after it's been read.

3. Figure out reviews. First they were long (and yeah, kind of rambling) but they were genuine and from the heart and conveyed what I wanted to say. Then I kind of got insecure about my style - maybe it was too wordy? maybe people don't like it? - and then I made my reviews too short. I don't do short very well...I am short, but... So I'd like to figure out a style that works for me and have the confidence to stick with it, no matter what.

4. Make regular posts. I was really good about this last spring, but as transitions in The Life started happening, my schedule got out of whack. I hope to be more of a faithful post-writer.

5. Comment more. No need to elaborate. I need to work on this.

6. Manage time better. A lot of times, I'm on blogger, but I'm not posting. I just kind of stalk around the different sites, and it takes away from reading. And writing. And (oh yeah) studying. Not quite through with school yet :S I'd like to write my posts, make my comments, and move on to something else. Time gets away from me real fast, like Rip van Winkle.

7. Not stress so much. I've stressed way too often about whether or not my reviews are good enough, comment issues, followers...just general 'Is my blog good enough and why not? that's kind of made me lose focus. This year I want to get back to basics and get to where I enjoy blogging and writing reviews the way I did last January, when I didn't care so much about trying to please and be good enough. I want to get back to when I blogged for fun, and for me; not to please other bloggers, or **ssshh** publishers, or whoever.

So those are my blog resolutions. Not too grandiose or anything, but maybe since they're kind of small, I'll be able to reach them. Thank you all again, my faithful friends, who read my posts, who leave feedback (I read every line of them) and who have given their support and encouragement so that a novice, eccentric blogger could become...not quite so novice. Thank you Steph, Jess, Natalie (oh boyo, thank you!), Christie, ALY (I'll never forget what you did for me "That Day," how much you helped me. Now *that* is a real friend!) Christina, Enna, Juju, and Aussie Jess :D
Let's start 2011!
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