Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Question of the Midweek: If you could recommend ONE YA book...

...to anyone (let's assume it's someone who actually *likes* to read), what would it be?
Because let's face it, I bet several of you have heard some kind of disparaging comment about YA literature, how it's beneath one's level, how it's superficial, how it's light reading, how it's *gasp* "kiddie lit." What one book would you recommend that proves those thoughts wrong?

My answer...
I'm going to fudge a little, and I'm going to give a whole series instead of just one book.
The one series I'd be able to recommend to the greatest number of people, with the greatest possibility of favorable reception, would be the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. They are so extremely fun, have a witty and endearing cast of characters...but above all, the reason I think adults would be able to appreciate the series...is because it's so clever. The way Riordan seamlessly weaves myth after myth together into modern day America is just pure genius.
I already know several professors (people who read AND WRITE those long academic articles that appear in journals and whatnot FOR FUN!) who swear by this series.
(I gotta admit, though, I'm a little nervous about where the spinoff series - The Heroes of Olympus - is going! I almost wish some of the characters from the original werent in this sequel series!)

So what say you all? What one book or series would you recommend, if you could ONLY recommend one?
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