Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Mailbox [1]

This week I have two new books to show off! Can't believe it's going to be a whole week since ALA Midwinter - time sure flies! 
While I don't have 70 new books to show off, I do have two pretty awesome ones that I'm excited to add to my shelves:

For Review
Above World - Jenn Reese 
^ special thanks to Jenn Reese & Candlewick! 

Look at this! LOOK! It's the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy in one super-volume! Just how Tolkien would've wanted it. He always intended for the story to be one  [massive] volume, so I just had to add this to my collection (plus it was cheaper than buying each of the three books separately). And it even has a concordance in the back! I don't think I've seen any book, apart from the Bible, that has a concordance. That is LEGIT.
So what did you all get this week?

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