Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feedback Results & Quick Word on Reviews

About a month ago, I put together a feedback survey for my blog just to see if you guys had any thoughts that could help me with blogging in the future. First off, thanks so much to my followers who filled out the survey - I was really blown away by the number of folks who took time to fill it out, so thank you so much!

And the feedback itself was pretty positive. The #1 thing that you all said could do for a change was the blog format and layout. That's good, because I'm having a custom layout being made as we speak, and it'll be up before October, so that's exciting.

One other thing I wanted to touch on was reviews and my reviewing style. I've been a little bummed with my reviews, to tell you all the truth, because frankly I think they're too long. I think they're too long, and that might be why they don't get the kind of feedback (comments) that they used to. So I want you all to know that I will be working on shortening my reviews - hopefully that will make them more readable. Because, from the point of view of the one making the post, the best way to see feedback - and know that people actually give a hoot and read your stuff - is comments. I have a pre-New Year's resolution to get more active on the amount of comments I leave on yall's blogs. Even if it's just a quick "hey, great review/great post!," there's always something that can be said. So that's what I'm going to work on.

Thanks again, folks, for stickin' around. Right now I have 2 reviews and 2 other posts I'm working on. Have an awesome day :)
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