Sunday, March 21, 2010

So I had a pretty good week! Spring Break was much-needed but not quite long enough!

I did manage to get 3 of my 4 books read, so that was good. Walked on the beach, went to Sea World (my fave place here in San Diego), endured one set of tennis with my dad who told me after every point how out of shape I am, and helped my brother try and figure out where he's going to go to school next year - Pepperdine or Point Loma?

My first contest ended last Tuesday, and congrats again to Jillian and thank-you to everyone who entered! My next contest will be in MAY :)

Because of the really busy week, I kind of got behind on my blogging schedule... *sad face*
I only did 2 entries of Author Appreciation Week so I might fudge a little on the dates and continue with a few more entries into this current week...

Books Read
Troll Fell
Troll Mill
Troll Blood

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