Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Outrageous TBR!

Pretty much since December, my TBR pile has grown steadily...not a lot of change, relatively manageable. Well then I went on a freakout at the bookstore and now by TBR pile is an enormous bundle of King Kong proportions.

Still to read:

- Poor Warrior Heir and Wizard Heir, they're practically Trustees of the TBR pile! I keep pushing them back in favor of newer stuff. Hunger Games and Catching Fire I'm really waiting on, because a little birdie told me there's a CLIFFHANGER at the end of CF! Ahhhh, pesky cliffhangers! I think I may read Jessica's Guide... next, but does anybody have any suggestions as to what to read next?

No more books for a month!

Have you all had to set "limits" on buying/checking out books? How to you avoid the clutter and a "larger than life" TBR pile?
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