Saturday, June 19, 2010

Through a Lens: Meet Rae!

Today I have my buddy Rae with me. She's an awesome blogger who was kind enough to answer some of my questions! Visit her @ Goodreads or her blog!

If you could be any book character, who would you be?
hmmm...This is a tough one. Probably either Hermione Granger (she's smart and can kick your butt), Annabeth Chase (she's a child of Athena, so she's smart, and she's got mad skills. :) lolz), or Enna from the Books of Bayern (who wouldn't want to be able to 'talk' to fire and wind? of course, with great power comes great responsibility. :))

If you could live in a fictional world, where would you live?
hmmm....Bayern would be a nice place, though the world of Harry Potter would be great. :)

If you were organizing an art exhibit of book covers, which ones would you show?

Ever been scared/freaked out by a book villain?
only occasionally, and I have to be really into the book to get freaked out.

Is there a book/series that everyone seems to have read but you?
Not at this moment- I was gonna say the Book Thief by Markus Zusak, but I'm in the middle of reading it right now. :)

Which book[s] make you cry?
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. I got kinda depressed in New Moon when Edward left, but I didn't cry- I don't normally cry when I read.

Which book[s] make you laugh?
The entire Percy Jackson series, The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg, The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley--I could go on....

Have you ever been unable to finish a book?
sadly yes. I hate it, though I can't help not getting into a book- the author's writing style just doesn't pull me in.

What book did you like when you were a kid?
Ooo yay! an easy one! The Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osbourne, The Babysitter Club by Ann m. Martin, and, of course, could I forget to mention Nancy Drew? (i still love to go back and reread all of these from time to time.)

Any cool/funny reading habits or quirks?
When I come to a funny part in a book/story, I can't just laugh (or appear to be able to), I have to set the book down and clap my hands while squealing- It's weird, I know. I've just always done that (since I can remember I mean.) According to my sister, when I get really into a book, I shush those around me. :)

When is your favorite time to read? Favorite place?
Fave time? whenever I'm not on Goodreads. though I have adopted the *principle* i guess you would say that I have to read before i go to bed to fall asleep.
Fave Place? the couch, in my room, pretty much anywhere really im not partial to one spot.
If you could hang out with an author for a day, who would it be?
hmm....Rick Riordan. He's my all-time favorite author, and he seems very humorous and like a good person to talk to.

If you could adapt a book/series into a movie, it would be...
I would redo the PJO movie. :) but for one that isn't already a movie I would love to see Shannon Hale's Princess Academy become a movie (as long as I can be in charge of casting and help with the script so it don't stink)

What is your favorite word?
befuddle- it sounds like puddle, but with a 'bef' instead of a 'p' hahaha
and awesomesauce- they're tied. :)

What is your favorite book quote?
"The Aurors are part of the Rotfang Conspiracy, I thought everyone knew that. They're working to bring down the Ministry of Magic from within using a mixture of dark magic and gum disease." -Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Book blogs-
Science fiction-
Harry Potter-

If you could recommend ONE BOOK to everyone, it would be
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Thanks for stopping by, Rae! She's one cool girl, and she's the one who introduced me to the Books of Bayern series by Shannon Hale - which are GREAT books by the way! And did you notice how she said she'd redo the Percy Jackson movie? Atta girl!

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