Saturday, July 23, 2011

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Review Me Giveaway #1!

It's time for another GIVEAWAY!

I brought back a lot of books from BEA a few months ago, and mostly due to time constraints, I won't be able to read and review each one before they are released...this makes me feel a wee bit guilty. Also, when you're at BEA, a lot of times people offer you books and you say, 'Yes please, thank you' without always knowing if they will be your cup of tea or something you would have picked up on your own.
And why should they sit on my shelves when they could be enjoyed by you guys?

So here's my BEA Review Me Giveaway #1 (yes, that means there will be more!)
There's really only 1 criteria for entering: you must have either a blog or a Goodreads page, as the purpose of this giveaway is for the book to get some exposure.

And what's up for grabs?

I have an ARC of Circle 9 by Anne Heltzel, published by Candlewick

Synopsis via Goodreads
She knows only Sam, a mysterious teenage boy. He is her sole companion; her whole life. She was born, already a teenager, lying outside a burning building in soot-stained clothes, remembering nothing, not even her name. He showed her the necklace she had on, the one that named her: Abby. Sam brought her to live in his cave-palace, where he gives her everything she needs. He loves her. He protects her from the world outside, from everyone who wants to hurt them, like the denizens of Circle Nine, Dante’s deepest circle of hell. But even in a charmed, brand-new life like Abby’s, change will come. Sam falls ill. A new girl comes to stay, and Abby begins to question Sam’s devotion. With doubt comes emotional turmoil, changes in perception, and glimpses of her past identity. In this courageous psychological thriller, Abby tells the story of living her new life and discovering her old one, while grappling with an ever-changing reality.

Please note
: Despite what the synopsis says, this book has nothing to do with Dante or the Inferno...
The giveaway will run until Sunday, August 7th.

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