Sunday, June 26, 2011

Help me STUDY, please!

For awhile now I've had my eye on Maria V. Snyder's Study series:
- Poison Study
- Magic Study
- Fire Study

What I've heard...- Poison Study is very good. Like, I have seen SO MANY 4-and-5 star reviews for this one, and from people who I know really make books work for 5 star reviews.
- However, I have seen that several reviewers think the series kind of slackens as it goes along. With the last book, Fire Study, I've seen less 4-and-5 star reviews.

So for those who have read Poison Study...
- did you read the sequel books also?
If so,
- did you like them?
- would you recommend reading ALL 3, or can I just read the first one?

Many thanks!

Where is everybody...

...from?In the spirit of last minute, random question-posts... I want to know where everybody blogs from.
Why? I was at my grammy's house today, attempting to explain what it is that I do on the computer all the time (heehee) and I was telling her about all of my bloggy friends. She asked where all my "friends" were from, and I realized I couldn't really give her much of an answer, other than "well, er, California, and New Jersey, and Ohio, and Florida..."
I'm also curious if more book bloggers live in a certain area, like East Coasters, West Coasters, suburbanites, etc. I think it would be cool to know where everybody blogs from, and if there are more from a certain area.
So...where's everybody from?:D

- PS -
Is anybody specifically from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, or New Mexico?
Just curious!
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