Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quote of the Week...

Should I keep doing these? What do you all think?

IIF turns 3 months!

Last Sunday, March 21st, was my blog's 3 month birthday!

And I'm just now remembering. :)

I've met so many great blog buddies over these last few months - thank you all for the support and friendship. Blogging is such a wonderful experience because of buddies like you all!

Most of the books I've reviewed have been YA - MG and teen, and most of those have been fantasy, with a few "grownup" books here and there. My TBR pile has grown to colossal proportions thanks to all the great reviews I've read from all of you. That's what I love about the book blog community - the sharing of books and opinions and the sense of community - a community of readers! It's so fulfilling to have a little "escape" from life and that's kind of what this site has become for me: a place to get together with other book lovers and share ideas and inspirations with each other.

Thank you all for visiting IIF and making it such a fun place to be. I literally cannot wait to boot up my computer each morning and see what's going on in with all of you - what you're reading, what you think, etc.

Challenge Update
100+ Reading Challenge

One of the fun things about starting a book blog is being able to participate in such awesome challenges! Right now, as April approaches, I've read through 25% of my 100 goal. I forsee a little slacking off in the immediate future, do to scurvy school...but that's what summer's for!

3-4-5 Reading Challenge

I hosted my first contest a little while ago and thank you to everyone who entered and helped spread the word! Contests are definitely a good way to meet new blog buddies and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet so many new cool bloggers! I'll definitely have another contest in May.

IIF is actually not the first blog I've set up... I actually had 2 more before this one, but they didn't really work out (Have any had '2nd try' experiences with blogs, too?). Maybe it's because this is a book review blog, and I love books, but this time around, blogging is definitely more enjoyable!

So THANK YOU so much, all my blog buddies, for making the blogging experience so fun and worthwhile. I just wanted to let you - ALL OF YOU - know how much you mean to me! I love my blog buddies!

Have a great week (quote will be up soon), and HAPPY READING
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