Saturday, May 1, 2010

book-swapping...I need a break :(

Wow. I officially suck. :(

Last night I started Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side and I loved it. Tonight...hmmmm. Without being too "spoilery," I got to the 'accident' part and then it just all went downhill from there. I'm on page 225 right now (a little over 100 pages left!) and I just have to take a break from this. For those of you who've read this book, I think you may know what part I'm having a hard time with. The last 50 or so pages I've just been skimming over and I feel kind of annoyed, like my time's being wasted.

I know it gets better - heck, I know about the thing on Beth Fantaskey's website - you know, the thing she posted that you're supposed to read after you finish the story... I know how it ends, but man this is just brutal. I feel so sucky, too (no pun intended) because I know that everybody loves this book - I've seen so many people read it and enjoy it, so I'm embarassed that I'm having such a hard time with it.
There's an almost identical scenario to this one in City of Glass (for those who have read it)--only that lasted like 2-3 pages, whereas this has dragged out for over 100. And I must be an ultra-loser or something, because I just can't bring myself to read any more at this point. So I'll be reading something else this week, and after awhile I'll definitely come back to this, because I am curious for the resolution. I just can't take any more of the current story - the plot has totally degenerated, in my opinion...

Sorry for the drama. I guess I'm just curious if this has happened to any of you before? Like, having to take a break from a book, or maybe just not finishing it at all...?

SUGGESTION BOX: stand-alone YA books?!

Hey all -
I'm pulling out the suggestion box, wanting to know if anyone can recommend a YA stand-alone book?!
It seems like every book is being turned into a series, so I was wondering if any of you have read a YA stand alone book recently that you would recommend to others!

Right now I've got
Brightly Woven - Alexandra Bracken
The Queen's Dollmaker - Christine Trent
Ever - Gail Carson Levine
Heart's Blood - Juliet Marillier (not YA, but still fantasy)
Forgive My Fins - Tera Lynn Childs (when it comes out!)
Anxious Hearts - Tucker Shaw
Impossible - Nancy Werlin

This could maybe be a good way to get the word out on certain books by genre, like a bloggy Wanted Pages or something

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