Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cover Wars [4]

It's a little early, but I thought I'd go ahead and post!

Cover Wars is a weekly meme (I run mine on Wednesday, but it can be any day) where you pick your current read - or any other fun book - and try and find as many different cover editions as you can!

I decided to pick the current series I'm reading - The Great Tree of Avalon.

Here are the American hardback editions (also the British, French, and Canadian edition)

Vs. the German editions

Hmm, I think I like the Original editions best :) And it's interesting, because sometimes every country will have a different edition, but the British, Canadian, and French versions all have the same cover designs as the American ones, and I only found different covers for the German editions - ja vold!

And as I promised last week, here's the Mr. Linky!

Location! Location! [1]

I can't help it - this is what I do!

If you've read a couple of my reviews, you know that I dearly love scenery and immersing myself in the magical worlds created by wonderful authors! So yesterday in class I had looked up some pictures that I thought could possibly fit as locations in The Great Tree of Avalon series.

The Realm of Stoneroot

The Realm of Mudroot

The Realm of Woodroot:

The Realm of Fireroot

Can you find any pictures that might match the setting in the book your reading? It doesn't matter if it's high fantasy or realistic fiction - anyone can play along! Drop a link or just launch a post on your site :)
I don't know, maybe this could turn into a meme, or just a fun way for us fans to showcase scenery pictures from books we're reading/books we love!

Teaser Tuesday!

As always, Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by MizB @ Should be Reading.
Here's how it works: Grab the current book you're reading- Open up to a random page- share a little "teaser" from somewhere on that page.

***Make sure your section is spoiler free!!

Seriously on the "spoiler free" - I got "spoiled" like 3 times just now before I came up with a good, interesting teaser! Dadgummit!

Here's my teaser, from Book 2 of the Great Tree of Avalon, Shadows on the Stars:

"For some time, Tamwyn peered at this painting. Could these people, he wondered, be flying to the stars? And if that was so, did it mean that some mortal creatures had actually made the journey successfully? Looking closely at the scene, he examined the people - their wings, their orange flames. Just who were they?"
- Shadows on the Stars, pg 192
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