Friday, April 9, 2010

Amelia's Authorquarium!

(Because I like creating really weird new words!)

Down in the left-hand column is my Authorquarium, where all my little favorite authors live!
In the Harry Potter universe, old headmasters live in their portraits; in my fantastical world, I'd have little miniature authors living in their very own Authorquarium...

I always have meant to say something about this and then I’d forget.

Here are just a few of the authors who live in my Authorquarium:

Frank Beddor James Dashner Shannon Hale

Rick Riordan Maggie Stiefvater Scott Westerfeld

- Most of these authors are active bloggers too, and in Maggie Stiefvater's case, she's got a livejournal and a blogspot! What a gal!
There seems to be something extra cool about authors who blog…maybe it’s because most of us are bloggers, but I just love thinking that these extremely busy people take part in something that I take part in as well. I don’t know, it just seems neat!

From now on, I won’t neglect my Authorquarium. Every other week or so, I’ll find one of my little authors to feature – I’ll give a little bio, talk about his/her major works, any interesting facts, website/blog information, and if anything particularly cool is going on.

Quick! Who are your favorite authors? If you had an authorquarium, who would you put inside it
(in a completely imaginative and not-at-all-weird sort of way)?
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