Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog CLEAN UP! I want to hear from YOU!

Okay everyone! IIF is now 5 months old and I think a clean-up is long overdue. Over these months I've participated in several memes and started 2 of my own:

In My Mailbox
Teaser Tuesday
Friday Finds

My own:
Cover Wars
Where In Your World

Now I run Cover Wars every Wednesday but I only run WIYW occasionally. What do you think of the memes - should I get rid of them or keep them? I'm honestly wondering if I should just get rid of them...

On to the next topic: REVIEWS. Right now I'm averaging about 2 reviews a week, and here is where I need some feedback:
  • When you read a review, what do you look for and what do you expect to see?
  • Is there anything in particular that I should do differently?
And finally - ANYTHING ELSE. What would you like to see me do differently/what can I do to make this a more effective blog? Your thoughts, please!
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