Sunday, July 25, 2010

IMM [16] What Am I Reading? + Announcement

I gave myself a command not to buy any books until August 31, so hopefully I'll be successful and not cave in.

I finished The Hunger Games and am in the process of writing my review.I started Catching Fire and will likely take all week to read it.

I posted my review of Linger......posted Favorite Book Quotes 2, and asked for your opinions on YA's Most Dateworthy Guys. Thanks to my 9 pals who helped me on that :)

Here's the thing:
I'm going to be going on a retreat Tuesday thru Sunday. I'll have my review of The Hunger Games up by then and also my Teaser Tuesday for Catching Fire.
When I come back, there will most likely be some changes to this blog in terms of posts and reviews. Maybe this is all part of the summer slump, but I obviously haven't been doing a good enough job on here. So I'll be figuring that out.

Hope everybody has a great week.
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