Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello! + New Feature!

Hey everybody, glad to be back with ya!

I have a new feature that I'm going to introduce this week - it's called MEMORY LANE. It'll help me post reviews even when I'm still in the middle of reading.The way the feature works is pretty straightforward: I'll do a post about a book that I read/reviewed around this same time, last year. I don't think I'll do an actual review, I'll just summarize the book and post some thoughts about it. Which, I guess, is kind of what my reviews should be, except they're long and probably too detailed...

I also get really excited this time of year because it's
And who doesn't love the holiday season?! But also, November 21 will be approximately one month from my blogoversary. Yay! And starting November 21, I'll host my Blogoversary Giveaway(s). Yes, that's right, a parenthetical "s"! There may be more than one :o!

Tomorrow I will have my review of Tyger Tyger posted, and I'll post the first MEMORY LANE feature some time in the week.
Until then, I've got a lot of blogs to check up on!
:D(random "happy" picture!)
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