Thursday, December 30, 2010

If asked "what would you recommend?," I would answer...


Over this past year, I've reviewed approximately 50 books on this blog (I hope to double that in 2011). Out of those 50 books, 16 received A+ grades, which is the highest rating I can give. Which is the best way I can say to you "READ THESE - PLEASE!"
So here they are - my favorite reads of the year:

The Dark Divine
Eyes Like Stars
The Great Tree of Avalon (Whole Trilogy)
The Hourglass Door
The Hunger Games
Once Upon a Marigold
River Secrets

(note: all the "Books of Bayern" would be A+ grades, but the first two books were read in 2009)
Troll Fell
Tyger Tyger
Wildwood Dancing
Wondrous Strange

Okay, guys. This list is it! These are the best books I've read all year. Are any of these books on your "favorite" list?
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