Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So long, July!

Whoa, July has come and gone, summer's almost over, and school is just around the corner.
However, this year the start of school doesn't have me crying and whining like usual.
Well, 1) senior year! and 2) school starts the same day Mockingjay is released! Ohhh, you know I'm gonna be reading that sucker in class!

July was a slightly slower reading month than June, but I still got in 5 books...which for me is pretty good. Actually, I finished Catching Fire on the 2nd, but since I started it in July, I'm counting it!

So here are some quick STATS!

Number of Books:
Favorite Read: Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins (just as awesome as THG, but a tad more action put it in the 'Favorite' spot)
Least Favorite Read: Hmmm, I liked them all, but Uglies is probably the odd one out. Still gave it an A rating, though!
Most Original Idea or Story World: Hunger Games. Uglies was intriguing, definitely, but reminded me a tad too much of Stepford Wives to win this category.
Best Narrator/MC: Grace Brisbane, Shiver and Linger
Best Love Interest: PEETA MELLARK
Best Wisecracking Sidekick Character: drunken mentor Haymitch from The Hunger Games series
Author I'd Love to Hang Out With: out of this bunch, probably have to go with Suzanne Collins
Book That Had the Greatest Impact On Me: Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater. I read two majorly popular dystopian books: Uglies and The Hunger Games, and while dystopian novels always strive to make an impression on the reader (and both did!), it was the beautifully written, lyrical, simple love story of Sam and Grace and the intensity of Shiver that won me over.
Total # of pages read: 1,529
Final Grades:
Catching Fire
The Hunger Games

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