Thursday, May 6, 2010


As my roommate and I were cramming for one of our finals today, she scribbled out this "riddle." We've read pretty much the same books and so I figured it out right away. It's so totally random, and I didn't make it up, so if it's stupid--blame her!

Anyway, thought I'd post this since this is a "book" review blog :)
* note, you may not know all the characters...

What do Cupid (from mythology), Percy Jackson, Leven Thumps, Charlie Bone, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Taran from the Chronicles of Prydain, Tamwyn from the Great Tree of Avalon, Tom Ward from The Wardstone Chronicles, Peeta from The Hunger Games, Razo from River Secrets, Bridei from The Bridei Chronicles, and Marius from Les Miserables have in common?

- Jace is definitely a "no." So is Patch from Hush Hush, Damen from The Immortals, Dimitri from Vampire Academy

I almost didn't post this, because it's really stupid! But oh you go :)
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