Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cinema Weekend

It's the weekend--yay! Time to relax, read a bit, and watch a movie! This week my recommendation is one that you can rent/Netflix and watch in the cinema of your own home!

It's time for me to show you, blog buddies, my trippy side. And this film is about as trippy as it gets...

- 1986
- Directed by Jim Henson (the Muppet man!)
- Produced by that loveable little guy, George Lucas
- David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly

Where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems...

[From wiki]: The film stars David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King, and Jennifer Connelly as Sarah Williams. The plot revolves around Sarah's quest to rescue her little brother, Toby, from Jareth while trapped in an enormous otherworldly maze. Most of the other significant roles are played by puppets or by a combination of puppetry and human performance (as in, Jim Henson's MUPPETS!!!!) It was the last feature film directed by Henson before his death in 1990.

Have any of you ever seen this?! Well, I'm watching it right now and I have to say, it is a pretty weird movie, but it's one of my favorites! You can't help but like it!!

And that is my recommendation to you, blog buddies! Have a great weekend :)
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