Friday, January 6, 2012

2 weeks till ALA Midwinter!

It's just 2 short weeks till ALA Midwinter in Dallas, TX!

I am so stoked that a major literary event will be taking place only a few hours from where I live! Most major book events, it seems, are either in Houston or Austin, so I'm glad Dallas got to have the spotlight, too. Way to go, METROPLEX! (Now about those Mavs...)

Because this will be my first time at an ALA event, I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I know they have an exhibit hall like at BEA, but I also understand that there are way more conferences. One of my friends who attended last year said that ALA is (because of the name) more of a librarian-oriented event (which will be really cool because I'm now training to be a librarian!) rather than a blogger-heavy event like BEA, and if so, then that's just swell (BEA got to be a wee bit too crowded for my Adrian Monkish personality)...

I know that my good friend Christie from The Fiction Enthusiast will be there, but is there anybody else who will be attending? I'd love to meet you!

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