Monday, March 29, 2010

In My Mailbox [7]

All 3 of the books I got were from a $25 gift card to Amazon from Melissa @ I Swim for Ocean's contest!

  • The Hourglass Door - Lisa Mangum
  • The Maze Runner - James Dashner
  • Eyes Like Stars - Lisa Mantchev
  • and all 3 of these authors are on Goodreads! YAY!

Yippy! I cannot wait to read all 3 of these - and from what I see/read, they're pretty popular books among the blogging community, too!

And I went a whole week without buying more books! Well, technically I bought a book last Wednesday, but it doesn't really count because it was for a research paper and it was like $2.50. But this weekend I'm going to my grandparents for Easter and I'll be swinging by Half-Price Books! Some people get lured by bars, others by, I'm lured by Half Price Books :)

If you have read/reviewed any of these books, I'd love to know what you thought of them!

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