Monday, October 11, 2010

10 Random Bookish Thoughts! [2]

Part 2 of a fun little post where I look at my bookshelf and write down the first 10 random thoughts that enter my mind.
Wanna do this on your site? It's easy, fun, and just a little zany.

Random Thought #1: magical swords are ALWAYS better than magical wands. Therefore, Percy Jackson and his sword can kick Harry Potter and his chopstick's butt.

Random Thought #2: I think it's funny that the 'Black' in Holly Black is actually bigger than the 'White' in White Cat, so it looks like the book is Holly Black, written by a White Cat

Random Thought #3: The girl on the cover of The Dark Divine really needs to tag along with the Jersey Shore cast to a tanning booth.

Random Thought #4: Look at that really old MP3 player on the cover of Just Listen!
*points finger* That is SO five years ago!

Random Thought #5: I want to know WHAT COLOR lipgloss that is on the Need cover. I *want* it!

Random Thought #6: The...Knife...Of...Never...Letting...Go is a very strange title. It's appealing, but it doesn't make a lot of sense. Curiouser and Curiouser!

Random Thought #7: If Meghan Chase of the Iron Fey series *really* looks like the girl on the cover, I doubt that she'd ever be teased or bullied. At least, not at my high school.

Random Thought #8: If Victorian England really had all those steampunky gadgets, fairies...and would be the BEST generation EVER!

Random Thought #9: I want to find a dress *exactly* like the one on the cover of Princess of the Midnight Ball and wear it under my graduation gown in May. Wouldn't that be loverly?

Random Thought #10: It's kind of funny, but I think the girl on the cover of Uglies is actually prettier than the people on the cover of...Pretties. Hmm...

this is the creepiest/freakiest/most bummer thing ever

So I'm surfing Goodreads, as I usually do, and I particularly like to look at the lists for upcoming titles, 2010 and 2011.
I found a book that's coming out in the next year and as I'm typing this I still cannot believe this happened:
The synopsis is nearly IDENTICAL to one of my completed WIPs. I almost died. Or maybe I did die. Seriously, I think I might be dead now.
Aspiring authors - do you have horror stories similar to this one? You think that you have an idea or a story that is so creative, original, unique, authentic, whatever...and it turns out that someone else has already written a story nearly exactly like it?
Is it even possible to come up with something so original anymore?
I was so hoping to get this book in particular published, because it's one of my stronger stories. But now I'm afraid it'll be labeled 'imitative' or worse, 'plagiarized.'
*curls up in the fetal position*
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