Saturday, August 14, 2010

In My Mailbox [16] & What Am I Reading?

No books this week, still sticking to my book ban!

Just finished
and now on

ohhh, y'betcha! It'll be 1 week on Tuesday. I know you all are just PUMPED.

Okay everyone please help me out: I just finished The Replacement, but the book isn't scheduled to be released until September 21, which is over a month away. Should I go ahead and post a review this week or wait until closer to the release date?

Here's what some of you said about Gone:

"Gone is good, not AMAZING but good, there's A LOT of gore though, let me warn you. and there's twice as much gore in Hunger."
- The Critic

"A fast-paced thriller with intriguing characters and some kick ass fight sequences."
- Cara, Chasing Words

"A modern take on Lord of the Flies. At turns it creeped me out, made me tense and even made me angry but definitely kept me intrigued."
- Lesa, Cozy Book Nook

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