Monday, January 31, 2011

So long, January. You've been a good month!

My, what a good month January was. Firstly, I loved the way it began - right in the middle of the holiday season! Fellow students, I hope you had a blast over the winter break. I sure filled the long, cold (err, slightly chilly) days with book after excellent book.

Now for some awards:

Number of books read: 9
Favorite Read: hands down, Jellicoe Road
Least Favorite Read (and no, I'm not afraid to do this category): Probably Mad Love
Most Original Idea/Storyworld: Darkness Becomes Her. Watch out for this one when it releases on 2/22 - the world of "New 2" is incredibly original and exciting!
Best Character: Jonah Griggs, the best dadgum love interest in the WORLD from Jellicoe Road
Best Villain: Don't want to give anything away accidentally, but there's a certain character in Darkness Becomes Her that takes this prize!
Best Supporting Character/Sidekick: the serpent in Secondhand Charm was heart-warmingly sweet and just a great sidekick to the main character
Author I'd Love to Hang Out With: Melina Marchetta, the genius author of Jellicoe Road, would be amazing to shadow just for a day or something. She could definitely teach me a thing or two about strong storytelling :)

January Reviews
DeceptionJellicoe Road
The Knife of Never Letting GoRed Moon Rising
Scrambled Eggs at Midnight Secondhand Charm

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