Monday, February 1, 2010

The very first COVER WARS!

Okay, I've been looking forward to getting this up for a couple weeks now! Hopefully this will turn into a weekly thing...

The Book on the Hill's French Friday and Bloody Bookaholic's US vs. UK memes are similar to this one, but whereas they have a specific focus (US & French, or US & British), mine will try to be a little broader in focus! Let's get some Australian editions, some Canadian editions, some German editions, etc! Some times (like this week) there may be multiple-country editions...
So every week I will try to war the cover design of one series (or stand-alone book) with another to see who the winner is!

Do you judge a book by its cover [design]?? Well here, ahem, we do! :D
I for one love to see different cover designs and sometimes will buy foreign covers if I think they're prettier... maybe I'm just compulsive!

So for the first ever Cover Wars, I couldn't help but spotlight the series I'm currently reading, The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney. There are 3 main cover designs: 2 British editions, and 1 American edition:
Which do you like better???

American Cover Editions

Original UK Cover Editions - these are what mine look like! I shipped them from UK Amazon

New UK Cover Editions - Oh pooh! I personally think these are snazzier!

Reading Recap - January

Note: From now on I'm going to do my READING RECAP on a monthly basis...otherwise I'll be making the same posts every week - redundant! My blog is also a little over 1 month old, so I'm still playing around with what works and what doesn't. So thank you so much for your patience and input!

** I can't seem to make them all the same sizae, aaaggh! Bear with me!

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